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I first discovered that I loved cooking when I went to uni, and found myself sharing a self-catered flat with four other girls. My mum and grandparents had taught me the basics, but having a kitchen (and a budget!) to myself meant I quickly came to realise that I enjoyed cooking complicated and interesting meals.

Fast forward six years, and I’ve worked in a professional kitchen, baked 100 cakes for an afternoon tea and eaten in some of the nicest restaurants in Edinburgh – and I still love cooking. However, the salary of an internet marketing technician doesn’t really allow for huge intricate meals on a regular basis (even when supported by my wonderful girlfriend, Stacey) – which is why, earlier this year, I made a pledge.

I decided that I would only buy local, organic (or free-range and well bred) meat – preferably from the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market. More than that – I would only buy a limited amount of meat. This has usually meant buying a roasting joint and cooking it at the weekend, and using any leftovers through the week. However – once that meat has gone, meals are vegetarian, or using stock cupboard ingredients.

I decided to take this cooking challenge when I realised just how much money I was spending on low-quality meat which was often not British in the supermarket. I love my local Tesco; but I’ve decided to get my meat, eggs and butter from local producers – hopefully, making healthier meals and supporting local farmers at the same time!

This blog will document the buying and cooking of local meat and produce, as well as detailing some of the vegetarian recipes we try in our non-meat days. If you have any tips on buying green and local, or vegetarian recipes to try – please do let me know!

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Hi, I'm Carley; a 24 year old food fanatic living in Edinburgh. I've loved shopping for food and cooking since I was a child, and I absolutely love Edinburgh's food scene! I have now decided on a food challenge - buying and cooking only food which is local to Edinburgh! Find out more about my food challenge!

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