This is the blog of Carley and Stacey (or Stacey and Carley, depending on who’s writing).


- live together in a beautiful flat in Edinburgh.

- met at the University of St Andrews.

- fell in love in 2010 and have been together apart together since then.


- is a part-time law student who also works in a legal office.

- plays a number of musical instruments including guitar and drums.

- is affectionately called ‘seven-gin-Stacey’.


- works in an internet marketing office and loves it.

- loves cooking, baking and making mess in the kitchen.

- is rarely seen without her Kindle.

The aim of this blog is to document the months between January and August 2012, and potentially even further into the future.

Rather than writing anything of use here, instead you should all just watch this video from BBC3 comedy show Mongrels.