About Me

Girl, 24, living, loving and cooking in Edinburgh.

Carley Hollis, 2010 in St Andrews

I was taught to cook by my mother and grandparents as a child, but I really found my feet in the kitchen once I moved to St Andrews for University. Living in a self-catered flat with four other girls meant shopping, cooking and discovering new foods on my own, and I loved it. Six years later, and I’ve worked in a professional kitchen to supplement my student income and well as moved to Edinburgh into a flat with a brilliant kitchen and my long-suffering girlfriend.

This summer wasn’t a great time for me in terms of eating healthily or cheaply – I spent far too much money on takeaways and last-minute runs to Tesco when I hadn’t properly planned meals for after work. That’s why I decided that once the summer was over, I was taking control of the kitchen once again.

The challenge I’ve taken on is that I will only buy meat which is local to the Edinburgh area – and ideally, I’ll make sure my fruit and vegetables are local and seasonal too. I’m hoping this will force me to make seasonal meals which are healthy, and will ensure that I stick to the meal plans that I make! It will also mean that once my ‘meat’ allowance for the week is gone, I’ll have to make vegetarian meals – a challenge for this carnivore!

So, if you have any suggestions for great local producers or suppliers, seasonal meals or even just vegetarian dinner ideas, drop me a comment or contact me via social media.

Carley x

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