Edinburgh Farmers’ Market Shopping – October 2012

October was the first month that I decided to try and buy all of the meat for a months worth of dinners at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market. After a summer filled with lots of takeaways, popping into Tesco on the walk home from work and very little in the way of planned meals, I decided that I’d had enough. I’ve always been very fond of the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, which takes place in Castle Terrace each Saturday because it showcases so many wonderful local produces all in one place. That’s why I decided to see if I could buy everything that our household would want in terms of main meals for one month at the market.

Stacey and I headed to the Farmers’ Market at around 10am on the first weekend in October. My shopping list included at least two different roasting joints – ideally some beef and a chicken – as well as some different cuts of meat which could go into the slow cookers. I also hoped to get some fresh root vegetables, some green veg and some garlic. See what I managed to buy and who from below!

Edinburgh Farmers' Market Meat Shopping

The meat I bought from the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market in October

Some of the vegetables from the Edinburgh Farmers' Market October Shopping

Carrots and onions from East Coast Organics at the Farmers’ Market

Aberdeen Angus Beef Brisket from Well Hung and Tender at the Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Beef Brisket from Well Hung and Tender.

Buffalo minute steak from Puddledub at Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Buffalo steak from Puddledubb!

Fresh veg from East Coast Organics

Fresh veg!

Bacon from Reiver Country Farm Foods at Edinburgh Farmers Market

Bacon from Reiver Country Farm Foods

I also bought some more buffalo burgers, some sausages and a packet of fresh beef mince on Saturday, before buying a whole (skinned) rabbit and some garlic on Sunday at the Stockbridge Market. My plan was to cook use the chicken and the beef as roasting joints over a couple of weekends, before moving onto the duck, rabbit and sausages.

The chicken produced a wonderful roast dinner and I used the carcass to make chicken stock, as well as using the leftovers to make chicken pie and a chicken curry. The following weekend I cooked the beef brisket in the slow cooker with red wine and barley to create a wonderfully soft joint – the beef leftovers went into a stew and also into some barbecue beef wraps.

This weekend has seen me make a brilliant duck cassoulet - and I also have a second duck leg to use this week. The rest of the meat is sat in the freezer and will be used once the duck is finished – so recipe ideas for any of the above would be gratefully received!

I’ll be back at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market again at the beginning of November – any ideas for what to look for next?!

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